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About Our Programs

Aspen Camp has a wide variety of programs designed to serve the elementary age student to the outdoor loving adults. All of our experiential and educational programs and curricula are built with take home objectives that cover a range of self awareness, critical thinking skills, and skills for employment. Want to participate? Check out our 'Programs' page.

Donate to Support Aspen

From volunteering, to attending concerts, to visiting Aspen Camp, to online contributions, there's always an easy way for you to help support Aspen Camp. Check out our wish list or follow us on social media. Learn more by visiting our 'Support Us' page.

Volunteer for Aspen

All of Aspen Camp's Board, caretaker, and committee members volunteer their time to the Camp. We're always in the need for more volunteers. We have 6 standing committees in which we welcome the community to join: Governance, Finance, Facilities, Programs, Fundraising, and Marketing. Interested in supporting the camp? Visit our 'Contact Page', let's talk.

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