Today is GIving Tuesday, and we hope you’ve been sharing support to your many favorite nonprofit organizations. With so many nonprofits needing our support, Aspen Camp is doing a Give Five campaign in light of our 55- year history.


In American Sign Language, there’s so much we can do with ‘5’ – the handshape can be used to describe aspen trees and their quaking golden leaves, the rapidly flowing Snowmass Creek running along our campus, and the majestic mountains that surround us all to convey the uniqueness of Aspen Camp.


Aspen Camp is a completely all-volunteer organization serving children, youth, families, adults and members of the signing community and hearing loss population. 

Celebrating the 55-year history of Aspen Camp and its programs have had a significant impact for many people at its beautiful 17-acre riparian forest alongside Snowmass Creek. Outdoor and experiential education is the focus. Community building comes through shared adventures in learning at the camp.

Since our reopening in 2021, we are excited to share the ongoing commitment to running programs designed to generate deep meaningful connections. 

For 2023 we are planning for 8 different programs! We will be continuing our Families In Nature series, the Job Skills Training Camp for high schoolers and graduates with several schools for the Deaf. 

We’re bringing back the beloved Women’s Snowshoe Retreat and looking into two more winter programming activities. We have been a dedicated volunteer team since 2019, including a deaf on-site caretaker. Aspen Camp always welcomes others to bring their time and talents to join in our efforts.

As a non-profit challenged to be financially strong, we welcome the donations and funds that will help us move into these next few years of discovery and service, rising to meet our mission with each day of the year for each participant the Camp may welcome to its campus. We thank those who have supported us in the past and  are grateful for new contributors to our future success.


$5 – will show the world how many people cherish Aspen Camp

$55 – will help support a single parent with a deaf child in an experience at Aspen Camp

$500 – will send a high school student to participate in our Job Skills Training Camp

$5000 – will help facilities & maintenance challenges, including our fundraising project for a future new septic system

No gift is too big or small and every dollar is tremendously uplifting to our team.  

THANK YOU & Big Bear Hugs from the Aspen Camp Board

Karen, Kaika, Zeph, Ana, Stefan, and Greg