Please be in touch if you have any questions about the information in this packet. We are also available to translate any component of this packet if you inquire at

Countdown to Camp

● Register, upon confirmation make a first payment to hold your spot.
● Fill out forms needed and send them to us in a timely fashion.
● Arrange your travel plans
● Label all your belongings and pack for your adventure to Snowmass.

Forms & Paperwork

The forms we ask you to fill out help us prepare. Please start the paperwork process after registering and making a payment. You are welcome to contact us with any questions through All participants will need to complete all forms. The deadline for all forms and final payments is 10 days prior to the start of your program.

ALL Forms can be found at

The Team at Aspen Camp

The Program Leaders oversee the program. These are the people who develop activities, facilitate groups, and are with you for most of the day.
Other leaders and volunteers at camp help in other areas such as kitchen, marketing, logistics, and more. The Kitchen staff work to prepare our meals and snacks. The Interpreter & Office support staff support camp operations.

The Aspen Camp Board will ensure that all leaders and volunteers embody our mission and have a passion for being a positive role model for children. All will be required to pass a background check and at least 30 hours of training.

Packing List

The goal is to pack enough clothes and necessities to last you for the duration of your stay. Space is very limited so please don’t pack too much! Aspen Camp is in the mountains at 8000 feet. Sometimes during late summer, we experience monsoon rains in the afternoon. Layers work best in this environment, regardless of the time of the year.

The packing list below is offered to help you prepare for various weather conditions and terrain at Aspen Camp. Please label your items and note that we do not have safes for your personal valuables. Aspen Camp is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. 

At the close of each session, lost and found items will be sorted and stored for 2 weeks.  Parents/Guardians may contact Aspen Camp to arrange a time and date to pick up lost items or arrange for a mailing label to cover the cost of shipping items back to their rightful owner. Any items left at camp for 2 weeks or more after the end of the session will be donated.

Daily Wear
● Shirts (short- and long-sleeved)
● Pants
● Shorts
● Pajamas
● Underwear
● Socks
● Light/medium-weight jacket (preferably waterproof)
● Brimmed hat
● Closed-toe shoes
● Shower sandals (only allowed in showers)

Outdoor Gear
● Sturdy walking or hiking shoes
● Warm hat and gloves for cold nights
● Poncho or rain jacket (very important!)
● Non-cotton Long underwear tops and bottoms

Other Things (optional)
● Waterproof camera (with tether is best)
● Favorite snacks

Personal Stuff
● Personal care items
o Soap
o Shampoo/Conditioner
o Lotion
o Toothbrush & toothpaste
o Brush/comb
o Extra hearing aid batteries
● Chapstick/Sunscreen
● Bug spray
● Medicine/vitamins
● Water bottle with clip or pack
● Light backpack/day pack
● Headlamp & batteries

What’s Available At Aspen Camp?
We have some items at camp for you to use. This can help you save room in your suitcase. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
● Bedding (twin size) & pillows
● Bath towels
● Hand/face towels
● Safety whistles

Think about the activities you are going to partake in and take the time to pack the right clothes. Layers are important! They help you regulate your body temperature. Cotton retains water and may stay wet for a long time. Bring some quick-drying alternatives
such as polyester or wool. 

Shoes with traction that can grip rocks while hiking are recommended. Shoes with flat or
smooth soles may not provide the support needed for safety.

Daily Routine

We will share a copy of the detailed schedule and menu when you arrive. Until then, this is a typical day at Aspen Camp:

8:15 am – Morning greeting
9:00 am – Breakfast
10:00 am – Morning Activity
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Afternoon Activities
3:30 pm – Snack
5:00 pm – Dinner prep/Dinner
7:00 pm – Evening Program
8:00 pm – Get ready for bed


Our beds are bunk style and twin sized. We will provide bedding: linens, blankets and towels. You are welcome to bring sleeping bags/extra pillows. 

For the Families in Nature Camps, you may be sharing a cabin with one to two other families.

Altitude / Hydration / Sun Care

The loss of oxygen at higher altitude (4,800 feet or more) can cause mountain sickness. It often starts as acute mountain sickness (AMS). To prevent AMS, ascend slowly, take it easy, and give your body time to get used to the altitude. Drink plenty of water and let your body rest even if you don’t feel tired. One other symptom to check for is your urine color. If it is dark yellow, it may be a sign of dehydration.

Early symptoms of AMS include headache, fatigue, and/or insomnia. If you notice early symptoms, please let the leaders know immediately.

Water is vital and you are encouraged to drink often. All campers are required to carry a water bottle at all times. Please bring at least one water bottle to camp, with a long strap or a clip to carry them around. If you don’t have a water bottle, we can loan one to you.

We ask participants to wear sunscreen or other forms of sun protection such as long shirts, hats, and/or sunglasses at all times. Discussing the need for sunscreen or other forms of sun protection with your child ahead of time will help.

Travel Plans

Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange ground transport from airports to the Camp. Please plan your arrival for 11 AM on Day 1 of the Camp. We will do an official WELCOME at 11:45 then have lunch together on that first day.


We will provide healthy, home-cooked meals for everyone. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options are available upon request. Please inform us of allergies and dietary restrictions on the HEALTH DATA FORM so we can finalize our menu.

Leave No Trace (LNT)

We incorporate Leave No Trace (LNT) principles in our camp programs. For more details, please visit

Outside Visits / Calls

Our cell reception is spotty at best for those bringing personal cell phones. We strongly request that your calls and texts be limited to essential communications with work and family outside the program so that you are present. This focus will allow for the greatest
benefits that the Camp experience can provide.

We understand that for some families who may be new to the Roaring Fork Valley, off-site experiences and side trips may be of interest. Since these programs are very short, we have built in one trip off of the property as part of the program. Please arrange other times to explore the valley before and after the program. If parents expect to leave during the Camp, it will make it harder for us to create a sense of community, encourage
connections for your child with other children and manage COVID concerns. We hope that parents and guardians understand our interest in this regard.

Tobacco & Pets

Thank you in advance for respecting our camp facilities. When visiting our campus, please leave all pets at home and do not bring tobacco (including e-cigs) or marijuana on the premises. Pets are not allowed at camp.

Community and Communication

We value community connections at camp and that may look differently for everyone. Please share with each other if there are adjustments to communication you may need and support our overall communication facilitation with respect. We will have interpreters
on-site to help facilitate clear communication. 

Behavior Expectations

Sometimes families have specific concerns regarding their campers’ behavior or are working at home or school to modify certain behaviors. Aspen Camp welcomes the opportunity to support these efforts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have concerns and would like us to support your efforts. 

While it is our hope that our procedures and a strong family partnership will promote positive behavior, serious and/or chronic disciplinary problems can occur. In these cases, suspension or expulsion may be necessary. For a full description of our behavior policy, please see the Parent & Camper Agreement.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy with respect to sexual misconduct, alcohol/drug/tobacco/marijuana use, weapons possession, and/or running away. Campers found in violation of this rule may be sent home immediately.

If your child is suspended from any Aspen Camp program, they will not be allowed to 
attend another program for at least one year. Aspen Camp reserves the right to deny registration for future programs.


If a participant becomes ill during camp and is unable to participate in activities, the parent/guardian and leaders will determine the best course of action. If a camper is hurt, an authorized person will administer immediate first aid. 

In such a case that the situation requires advanced medical attention, the Program Leaders or authorized staff members along with parents will respond quickly. We will work with local physicians or local emergency personnel for treatment and/or transportation to the hospital. 

If the illness is contagious or severe, the camper could be sent home or quarantined.

Inclement Weather

Camp will happen rain, snow or shine. If the weather is dangerous (i.e. late afternoon mountain storms), we may suspend activities and offer alternative activities until weather conditions improve.


Final payments are due 10 days prior the start of your program. Balances not paid off by the deadline may result in the family’s withdrawal from the session as there may be others on a waitlist. Please ensure your payments are going through and keep us in open communications.

Policies / Cancellation

Any last minute cancellations will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.  Cancellations within 30 days or more in advance of the beginning of a program will receive a full-refund, less the $50 (registration fee) if already made. 

Cancellations within 29 days to 14 days in advance of the beginning of the program will receive 75% of the full payment minus the $25 cancellation fee and the $50 non-refundable registration fee.  

Fourteen days or fewer notice of cancellation will receive no refund. Registration fees are not transferable to future programs